Step-by-step guide

1. Think about your in-home childcare needs

You firstly need to think about:

  • what sort of care is right for you
  • how many hours you need a nanny
  • which employment option will work best.

2. Contact Rogan Family Care

Call us to speak with one of our team, or use our online contact form. A home visit to discuss your needs can also be arranged (a preliminary fee is charged). Allow four to eight weeks to find your nanny.

3. Selecting your nanny

After creating a picture of what you need, we’ll recommend suitable nannies and discuss them with you.

You’ll know any candidates have already been carefully screened and checked by us, and can concentrate on thinking about who will fit in best with your family.

You’ll receive their resumes and we can help you arrange an interview. Our handy guide to the employment process gives you tips for interview and selection.

4. Employing your nanny

Once you have decided on the right person for your family, we can help you to negotiate a salary. This will be based on the responsibilities of the role, as well as your nanny’s training and experience.

If your nanny is casual, short term, or working less than 30 hours per week, they will be employed directly through our agency. Your fees cover all aspects of the salary, insurance and WorkCover costs.

If you need an ongoing nanny, for more than 30 hours per week, you can also arrange for them to be employed directly through Rogan Family Care. This offers convenience and peace of mind, as all aspects of insurance and statutory costs are covered by the agency. You can, however, choose to employ your nanny directly. You will need to consider obligations such as:

  • negotiating and documenting an employment agreement
  • paying salary and providing pay advice records
  • submitting PAYG taxation and providing group certificates
  • paying superannuation and WorkCover insurance.

5. Support

We’ll keep in touch with both you and your nanny to make sure everything is according to your expectations. Your nanny will also be able to take part in our ongoing professional development program and have the chance to network with other nannies to share ideas. We also provide follow-up support visits to keep everything on track.

If your nanny is sick, call us as soon as possible and we will immediately look for a replacement nanny.