How a nanny can help your family

Nannies give individual, personal care. Your children are looked after within the stability and security of their own home.

Nannies are a very flexible and convenient childcare option for many families. They can help transport children to their usual activities or social events, look after children when they are unwell, and can fit in with a family’s routine and lifestyle.

A nanny can look after four to five children from the same family depending on the situation.

Nanny job description

The primary focus of the nanny role is childcare.

Nannies can do all or some of these tasks:

  • Daily care and supervision of babies and children including feeding, bathing and dressing.
  • Planning of age appropriate, play and learning activities.
  • Organising meal and sleep times.
  • Planning and supervision of educational and social activities in consultation with parents.
  • Transporting children to school, kindergarten, and medical appointments.
  • Preparing infant formula and suitable meals for children.
  • Maintenance and care of children’s toys, equipment, bedrooms and play areas.
  • Light household tasks including children’s laundry.
  • Maintaining communication with parents regarding children’s daily activities.
  • Nannies may be prepared to perform other household task if time permits such as when children are at kinder or school.

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