FAQ for parents

How do you screen your nannies?

The process we follow is:

  • initial phone interview
  • resume assessment
  • potential candidates selected for face to face interview
  • verification of identity, experience, training and qualifications
  • follow up with referees.

How long will it take to find a nanny?

The best time frame for new clients is 4 to 8 weeks; however we can, and certainly do, assist with last minute requests too.

How many children can the nanny look after?

Nannies can look after 4 or 5 children from the one family. Each family’s requirement is assessed on a case by case basis.

Will I need to pay the nanny?

  • Rogan Agency nannies
    Rogan hires the nanny and looks after all legal and insurance requirements, including pay for the nanny.
  • Directly employed nannies
    Rogan Family Care can recruit a nanny for you where you employ and pay the nanny and are responsible for all legal and insurance requirements.

Will the nanny do cleaning and other household tasks?

Nannies carry out child related tasks. If you have a little one who sleeps during the day or a school aged child other non-child related tasks may be agreed with your nanny.

What happens if my nanny is sick?

You should phone Rogan Family Care as soon as possible. We have an out of hours phone number and can look for a replacement nanny as soon as you let us know. Please note that if sick leave is included in your current nanny’s contract you will need to pay for the replacement nanny’s day/s.

Does Rogan Family Care do before/after school care?

We don’t do what is commonly called before/after school care. We do however have a Nanny for School Aged Children arrangement. Call us for more information.

Do I pay per child like in a child care centre?

No, nannies are paid on assignment to your house. If one child goes to kinder during the day, the same pay rate is applicable during that time.

What are the advantages of having a nanny?

The advantages are many:

  • much greater flexibility when your child is cared for at home
  • one-to-one care and activities
  • when children are sick they can be cared for in the comfort of their own surrounds
  • nannies allow children to be introduced to social situations in an organic way and at your child’s individual pace.
  • nannies are able to help out with child focussed home duties so you come home to a more relaxed, fed and bathed child who just needs a bedtime story read and a cuddle. You can focus on just being with your child and enjoying the time together.

Can I share my nanny with my friend’s children over for the day or on a permanent basis?

Two families can share a nanny however both families will need to register with Rogan Family Care and fees will apply to both families.