Meet MADDi – Your new assistant

Rogan Family Care is proud to introduce you to MADDi, a new tool that makes it easy to get answers to your work-related questions. MADDi is a smart AI bot run through Facebook’s Messenger platform. It acts in real-time to source and update all the information you require regarding

  • Work shifts
  • Personal information
  • Job details
  • Payslips
  • Timesheets

How do I find MADDi?

To Find MADDi on Facebook Messenger simply search for ‘MADDi’ in your messenger search.

Don’t have Facebook Messenger? You can start chatting with it via

Simply provide your details and you are ready to start getting information!

What Can MADDi do?

Would you like to know about your next shift? Ask MADDi –

  • Can you tell me where my next shift is?
  • When is my next shift?

Want to update your availability? Tell MADDi –

  • I can’t work tomorrow.
  • I cannot work next week.

Require help with your timesheet? Ask MADDi –

  • How do I submit my timesheet?

Did you forget your password or are you having trouble logging in to FastTrack? Ask MADDi –

  • Can you reset my password?

Need to update your details? Ask MADDi –

  • Can you update my mobile number?
  • Can you update my address?
  • Can you update my profile pic?
  • Can I update the copy of my passport?

Want to learn more?

Find out more about MADDi

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