Child Safety Policy

Commitment to child safety

All children who are in the care of Rogan Family Care employees have a right to feel safe and a right to be safe. The welfare of children in our care will always be our first priority and we have a zero tolerance to child abuse. We aim to create a friendly and safe environment where children feel safe and have fun. Rogan Family Care staff members are committed to child safety and demonstrate this by their actions and behaviour.

Children’s rights to safety and participation

Rogan Family Care nannies and staff encourage children to express their views. We listen to their suggestions, especially on matters that directly affect them. We actively encourage all children who use our nanny service to ‘have a say’ about things that are important to them. We teach children what they can do if they ever feel unsafe. We listen to and act on any concerns children, or their parents, raise with us. We aim to protect always the cultural safety of Aboriginal children and children from culturally diverse backgrounds and the safety of children with a disability.

We include children and safety messages in our policies, by continually asking the children questions. We invite children, parents and carers to participate in the development and review of this policy.

Valuing diversity

We value diversity by celebrating differences and learning from each other. We value different languages and enjoy learning new words; we value new customs and cultural traditions. We include children with disabilities and welcome them to our care as we would any child. We foster the saying ‘wouldn’t life be dull if we were all the same’. We take a zero tolerance approach to discrimination and abuse. We recognise, respect and promote cultural identity as being fundamental to a child’s safety and well being.

Recruiting staff and volunteers

Rogan Family Care has robust recruitment processes with background checking and screening processes. All employees have current Working With Children Checks and Police Checks. All employees accept it is their role to protect children involved in their care.

Supporting staff

We support staff through regular training and professional development and by working through a detailed induction process.

Reporting a child safety concern or complaint

Any concern or complaint can be reported to the General Manager, or via another staff member in the first instance if preferred.

We follow Child Protection’s step-by-step guide to making a complaint which comprises:

  1. responding to concerns
  2. forming a belief on reasonable grounds
  3. making a referral to Child First
  4. making a report to Child Protection

Risk Management

Rogan Family Care has a Risk Management Plan and a Risk Register.

Reviewing this policy

This policy is reviewed annually in May.